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Wireless Router

Wireless Router

Wireless Router is applied to access to the internet for users and with the function of wireless coverage. Wireless router can be as a repeater and will transmit broadband signal on the wall to nearby wireless network equipment (laptop, cellphone supported Wi-Fi and all equipment with Wi-Fi function.)



In the wireless network, antenna can strengthen wireless signal, we can call it wireless signal booster. Antenna can be Omni-directional and directional type accordingly to different directivity.


Omni-directional antenna: The antenna with no maximum direction for radiation and reception on the horizontal plane. As there is no direction, so it's often used for point to multipoint communication. Like we need set up wireless connection between two

buildings, we can choose this kind of antenna.

Directional antenna: The antenna that there exist one or more maximum direction for radiation and reception. Directional antenna have higher gain

than Omni-directional antenna, suitable for long distanced point to point communication, due to the directivity, also have stronger anti-interference

ability. If we need set up wireless communication across several buildings, we can choose this type of antenna.