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Wireless IP Camera

Wireless IP Camera

Security monitoring system is a system using optical fiber, coaxial cable or microwave to transmit video signal in closed loop, and constitute a complete and independent system from camera shooting and image display and record. It can be real-time, iconic, true to monitor, not only greatly extend the observation distance, but also expand the function of human eye, it can replace human to monitor in poor condition for long time, let people see all actual situation and record by camera. At the same time, the alarm system equipment will alarm when illegal invasion and the alarm signal will be put into alarm host, the alarm host trigger video monitoring system and record.



1. Safety: The security system can discover in time and notify the owner when strangers invasion, gas leak, fire and so on.

2. Simple: easy to operate, can defense or withdraw defend via remote controller or door controller

3. Practical: video monitor system can prevent thief to do further action through the outdoor camera and also can provide advantageous evidence to police later.