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Company History

In 2007, Feiyuxin Electronics Co.,Ltd was established with registered capital RMB500,000 at the beginning. It mainly produces Japan I-PEX(MHF)whole series products, UFL-HRS CABLE, MURATA CABLE, RF connector and all kinds of cable assembly, such as computer peripherals cable.


In May 2008, in order to expand the production, we increase staff and remove to the new plant with registered capital 1,000,000 RMB, which mainly produces whole series I-PEX products, and set up two special product line to make MDTV's DVB-T antenna, 2.4G antenna, wireless public phone antenna, GPS antenna, RF cable and RF built-in antenna for PC.

In June 2008, our company gets ISO9001:2000 certificate.

In August 2008, our company is recognized as the qualified tax-payer corporation.

In September 2008, we carry out ERP system.


In November 2009, in order to serve our overseas market, we register and set up the FEIYUXIN Group (HONGKONG) LIMITED.


In March 2010, to expand the northern market, we set up Beijing offices in Huilong Town,Changping district. It mainly deals with the sales of RF antenna and other products.

In August 2010, we set up two sales departments in Fustian District of Shenzhen City,Mainly dealing with all kinds of electronic products and RF antenna, RF Connector, I -PEX(MHF) CABLE, 2.4G rubber antenna, and some other antenna


In May 2011, we set up the hardware manufacturing department and assembly department in order to expand the production of RF antenna and 2.4G antenna, the antenna of public telephone as well as GPS, RF connector, RF inner antenna of pc, I-PEX(MHF),HRS CABLE, MURATA CABLE, Wi-Fi Antenna and all kinds of antenna products.

In July 2011, set cable production line to make RG174, RG178, RG58U, 75-3C cable and so on.

In October 2011, we move to FEIYUXIN industrial park, expanding to 5 times than its previous area. Till now, covers a total area of 13,000 square meters with its new plant area 6000 square meters.


In April 2012, Invested about 800,000 additional anechoic chamber thus greatly enhancing the development and testing of antenna design capabilities.

In December 2012, Additional PCB and FPC antenna, and further improve the company's product range antenna series.

In February 2013, Replenishment of 5 million yuan, with a total registered capital of 6 million yuan reached.

In August 2013, apply ISO14000 certificate and passed.


In February 2014,set up electronics accessories


In 2015, apply patent for 8items for antenna, establish ShenZhen Baoan office to focus on car trackerm and also have been applying new three board


In 2016,Established SMT plant and applied for TS16949 quality management system